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Web Developing is a Team Sport

September 12th, 2018

If you have basic knowledge about HTML or can devour the FAQ page of WordPress (a content management system) and install it on a server, you can have a website up and going in about a day.

Now, to design a website that SELLS is quite another story.

You see, in order to come up with a website that makes money, doing it alone can be hard. What you need is a team because who focuses on different parts of the business – this is why I often say that an online business is a team sport.

The Web Designer

This person ensures that the aesthetic value of the website is pleasing to the eye and ensure that the website is easy to navigate. Let’s face it, how the website look to others dictates how people see your company, how reliable you are and if you are professional enough. The designer typically is good with colors, is fantastic with graphics and images.

Hardware and Software Technical Support

Not many people focus on the technical side of things like the server. We assume that it will run on its own and it can’t be THAT bad. Wrong. You need a good firewall to prevent malicious hacking. It needs a 24/7 security because whenever it crashes, not only will you lose money, it frustrates your customers as well.

Finance and Accounting

You need someone who is consistently there to deal with the sales when they come in, close the accounts at the end of every month, allocate funds for development of website, prepare the budget for online marketing, maintaining the website and if there was a loss, work the figures out to find out how much. The very same person will also be in charge of deciding whether it is more cost-effective to hire or outsource.

Online and Offline Marketing

Marketing your website online is important but I am not saying that you can neglect or completely stop advertising yourself offline.

Offline marketing and online marketing when strategized together can be a formidable marketing tool. You first need a good copywriter for both the online and offline efforts, a graphic designer, a printer to develop advertising material, search engine team of experts to optimize and market your website effectively. And for your landing page, hire someone who knows your customers’ buying behavior. And THAT would be your ideal website marketing team!

Customer Service Representative

Modern day consumers are impatient people. They rarely have the time and patience to deal with bad customer service.

Do you remember the last time you complained about not getting prompt response when you send enquiries to Malaysian websites? Can you recall the number of times the promise of ‘three working days response’ not being met?

Your customer service representative is your front man and having a bad one will do your company’s image more damage than you can ever imagine. The fastest response for me on a personal level is 30 minutes and it gave me a very good impression of the company.

5 Advantages Of Hiring Dot Net Developers From A Professional Web Development Company

September 11th, 2018

No one can deny the importance and effectiveness of ASP.Net, especially in the web application development segment. The technology is backed up by the industry giant Microsoft which makes sure that the new upgrades continue to provide cutting edge software development capabilities to developers working on it.

Hiring .Net developers for developing custom web solutions is a growing and very popular trend today. Businesses and organizations that require highly functional, secure and feature rich solutions usually Hire .NET Developers and acquire web solutions that are built around their specific business requirements.

5 major advantages of using dedicated .Net resources are as mentioned below.

  1. The .Net technology is one of the best choice for developing websites and web applications, especially enterprise management applications that are required to be highly secure and feature rich. Having fully dedicated .Net resources allows organizations to acquire solutions that can easily enhance their business processes and help them in better management of their business. Experienced developers can provide you with timely solutions that are built well within your expected budget.
  2. With the growing popularity and demand of .Net solutions almost every offshore website development company has started providing these solutions. This has turned out to be a great method of saving on the development cost. As the developers work dedicatedly on your project from offshore locations therefore you don’t have to pay for the development of infrastructure setup, hiring resources and maintaining the setup.
  3. Offshore service providers are highly skilled in their work area. They only hire professionals who are highly talented and skilled. Thus, you can be assured of receiving top notch developers. Further, they maintain good communication with their clients in order to produce solutions that are built around their specific business requirements.
  4. Developers who are provided to clients are usually having experience of more than 2 years. An experienced .Net developer can easily configure the required features in your web solution while maintaining the highest level of quality standards. Further, most of the companies allow clients to choose the resources that they want working on their project. You can take proper interviews and determine the most suitable and skilled resources for your project.
  5. Clients can easily find professional resources that are willing to work on much lower prices as compared to those charged by local service providers. This could be a big opportunity for clients as they can guide these resources to obtain a custom built unique solution. This solution will be able to solve all those minute and unique requirements that none other software can fulfill.

While the rewards are big and can be very beneficial, it is the responsibility of the client to make sure that they are partnering with the right software development company. Clients should conduct proper research and investigation about service provider’s past and present. More reliable information can be acquired by contacting the previous clients of the service provider and inquiring about their experience with them. Further, you can also view the past record of the company over Elance, the online project bidding portal. Elance provides a completely unbiased and 100% accurate information about the registered service providers.

Functionality You May Want to Include in Your Next Web Development Project

September 10th, 2018

A website design project can be fantastic since a great website can do a lot to help promote your company and the products or services that it offers. If you are planning on having a website developed for you in the near future, the following are some examples of functionality that may help turn a simple website design into a machine that is capable of bringing in a lot of profit for your company.

Some of the functions listed here will not apply to your company and you should be able to realize which will and will not meet your needs. Some are very basic and may be built into your site without you even realizing it. In fact, a good website design will allow you to use these functions naturally and intuitively without the need for excessive training.

Content management systems

A content management system is an example of website functionality that is often just built right in. It allows a person to change text, photographic and HTML portions of a website simply and easily. Although this is often an additional cost that is added on to a website development project in the end it can save you money. This is because you will be able to update your own site and will not have to pay as much for site maintenance.

Site analytics tools

This is an important example of website functionality that will allow you to monitor your site. These tools allow you to monitor who has clicked on your site and whether or not they are a newcomer or whether they have been there before. Some analytical tools can tell you what they were searching for when they found your website. You can use this both as an everyday monitoring tool and as a way of telling which new portions of your site are getting the most attention.

Search engine optimization tools

Search engine optimization allows your customers to find you quickly and easily. If you type in a search term into an engine such as Google, you will get pages and pages of results. Search engine optimization tools allow you to move to the top of these search engine results. Because your clients will be able to find you more quickly there is a better chance that your website will generate income for your company.

Custom functionality

The sky can be the limit when it comes to custom functionality. You can add functionality such as a link to accounting or ordering software, something that can be great if you do a lot of business online. A custom store front and shopping cart can also make a website into something that is more than just decorative.

By having clear ideas of what you want your site to do for your company you will be able to pick and choose the functionality that you need most. Whether it is a members-only password protected area, a slick and beautiful storefront or a customized ordering or inventory system, website functionality will make your site work hard and bring home the kind of income you have always wanted it to.