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Eight Things Web Developers Like About Article Directories

September 6th, 2018

Article directories are services that aggregate articles and make them available for publication. These directories require fresh and informative content from authors. Directories of articles are businesses in their own right, and most exist to make money. This means they generally receive a substantial income through affiliate sales or advertising. These directories are a good place to start if you wish to promote your website. They allow you to post your articles for other web masters to copy and paste into their own websites.

So here is my list of things I like about them:-

1.Article directories are a good place to start if you wish to promote your website. They allow you to post your articles for other web masters to copy and paste into their own websites.

2.They are usually rated high in the search engines. Submitting an article with a link to your web site in a directory means that you are getting One-Way links from a very highly rated web site which will surely increase your Search Engine Rank Placings (SERPs).

3. Article directories are HOT and getting tons of traffic every day for doing nothing but being there. They can become one of the critical tools in your SEO strategy. Article directories are a wonderful way to get traffic and backlinks to your website. There are many well established article directories that have been proven to get websites traffic. These directories are essentially on line websites that display content, often with links. The links they provide in the author-bio section at the end should link readers directly to your website, whether it be an on line store or a content site.

4. Article directories are everything link directories used to be: responsive, fair, fast, no-fee, relevant, and quality sources of not only links but information. Most of their pages are PR0 and the rest tend to be PR 1-2 especially on the better established directory sites.

5. They all provide a submission system for you to provide your articles to them.

6. They are teeming with fresh content everyday, and they are constantly updated. Not to mention, the keywords crammed into each article are search engine magnets. They articles you submit draw traffic to your site and allow you to make money, especially when they are affiliated with Google AdSense, and other PPC advertising companies.

7. They are also a great place find lots of content for your web site. A quite significant purpose of placing articles from these directories is that there will be many different sites which can decide to place some links to your site.

8. They are a good place to start if you wish to promote your website over a long period. They allow you to post your articles for other web masters to copy and paste into their own websites, and unlike blogs where news becomes stale after a while and may be deleted, your article will still be held within the article site for as long as the site survives.

Improve Your Web Development Business Strategies by Hiring Programmers

September 6th, 2018

Competitive entities have forced many companies to embrace new ways in order to attain the success they need in web application development. Utilization of policies and business strategies has now been implemented in order to contend with other companies and achieve the progress and development they seek in this venture. If your company wants to prosper in this industry, it is important to hire a programmer and developers that can professionally execute the technical process that you need. It is essential to have a great team of experts in this field given the tightness of the competition and by having quality programmers; you are guaranteeing the eventual success of your web application development venture.

There are priorities that might not be vital to a company but prove to be very efficient to the other. So if you are planning on engaging in this business, you should be able to recognize the necessity of your company and also the demands of your clients. It also helps if you have the prior knowledge about the market you will be diving into; this will make it easier and better for you to address any problems and difficulties that you might encounter in the long run. Another thing that you should also look into is the quality of your team; always hire a programmer and developer that can provide your company the leverage of professional and on time delivery of their outputs.

There are several things that might ease up the burden of hiring programmers. You can also plan out strategies on how and where to find the best services available. Before you hire a programmer, always make sure that you have the time and financial capacity to invest in a quality team. The success of your web application development does not merely rely on your ability to manage your company but also rests on the output and end results of your programmers and developers.

When you hire a programmer, it is important that they have the knowledge and skills towards utilization of software like Ruby on Rails for the benefit of your company. Ruby on Rails is an open source framework which lets you languish in its time and cost efficient features without having to spend so much. When you hire a programmer and Ruby on Rails developer, you can get the best web application development services that you need and also as per customized business needs. The possibilities are relentless when your company has programmers and Ruby on Rails developer that can satisfy the needs of your users. With a highly professional team, your company will be able to compete and handle all types of business requirements and needs sustaining the continuous demand of both your clients and customers.

Top 3 Non-Technical Questions Interviewers Will Ask When Interviewing a Web Developer

September 4th, 2018

1) What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Everyone loves this question. NOT. Naturally everyone would love to answer the first part of the question but not the second. What the interviewer is actually trying to do here is assess how rounded you are as a character and how well you are thinking about improving on your flaws. To address the first part I recommend actually thinking about what makes you different. For example some of us are more technical. Others are better communicators. Or perhaps you have a very even spread amongst the two. There is no wrong answer with this question but what you need to do is find the right answer which is totally unique to you. This is essentially a time to advertise your USP.

For the second part I would say find something that is negative but that can be cast in a positive light, then cast in that positive light by explaining how you overcome it. You are trying to get the interviewer to understand know your weakness (we all have them) but that you are also actively engaged in rectifying it.

Here are some typical examples…

“Well I am impatient so sometimes I can be a bit abrupt with people because I want stuff done yesterday!, but I am aware of it and if it does come across I try and immediately apologise, but it happens less and less these days”

“I am a too thorough sometimes and want to know everything and so can get distracted. However what I try and do is write a list of tasks down to keep me on track hour to hour”

2) Do you prefer to work alone or on a team?

Careful with this one, again like with the point I made above what the interviewer is looking for someone who is well rounded. The chances are if you are interviewing for a role as an enterprise software developer then you will be working in a team. However there may be times when you will have to take the initiative and work off your own steam. So really you need to cover both of these points. Explain firstly that you are a team player. Not all of us are team players by nature, I’m actually not because I was raised as an only child. But it’s a skill I have learned as I have had to. Although I’m sure no one likes me;-/. Anyway being part of a team is great once you learn how, so just explain how you enjoy it. But then follow it up by explaining that you do relish the challenge to take the initiative sometimes and work off your own back. Basically you are not answering the question but you are phrasing it in such a way that you don’t need to.

3) What’s the last project you worked on and what was your responsibility?

Okay here is my advice; talk about the most interesting last project if you can. I don’t mean lie I just mean stretch the truth and deliver the interviewer what they want, what everyone wants when it comes down to it ‘a good story’. Try and focus on the positives initially and how you contributed to a fully functional development team. Being specific here is a good idea as it will come across like you actually knew what was going on (because some developers I have met actually don’t). I would also talk about some of the challenges that were on the project and what you did to help overcome them.