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Web Development Tips

Once you have decided to start creating a website whether it is for yourself or for a client, it is vital that you keep the following things in your mind such as:

1. Keep your site user friendly
2. Content is king and should be unique, informative and helpful
3. Beauty in simplicity – keep your design simple but impressive
4. Navigational ease – let your readers/customers find what they are looking for
5. Loading time should be as short as possible
6. Your site should offer short and precise information on what it is about

Firstly always bear in mind that design of your site should be simple and professional. Design should be such that it impresses the visitors on their first visit. Images on your site should be crystal and clear but still small enough to allow for fast loading.

The next most important thing is the content. People generally visit your site for the information. So it is necessary that you should provide something to visitor which is unique. If you selling a product or providing services to your customer then it is necessary that you should provide proper and complete information to the customer. You should also include customer reviews and testimonials to win the visitor’s trust.

Third important thing is that the navigation of your site should be simple and clear. Visitor should navigate from one page to another easily and if possible then your all internal pages should be well connected to your home page.

You can also use flashy graphics to enhance your product but don’t use them in excess as it increases your loading time.

Do not use unique fonts and bright colors. If you are selling a product and providing services then you must create a separate product or service page in your site. This is the key to your business success.

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